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      I am one of the unfortunate who has been a victim of Indian Judiciary corruption. I lost my brother in a car accident 5 years ago. He was a passenger. The accused is from an influential background. Since the very beginning all the details were manipulated. Crucial evidences were ignored. And as in every single case – the blood alcohol test of the accused were deliberately not held until 72 hours later. All cctv were declared not functional. A special investigation team was formed, few police officials were temporarily suspended – who later joined at higher positions.

      a very senior respectable official told us that we common people are carried away by watching crime patrol and saavdhan India.

      5 years and the case has been to district court , high court and a petition was also filed in Supereme Court of India. Ironically the petition was rejected and we were asked to go take District court route after 2 years. At every step each lawyer was positive and seemed promising outside the court.

      I hate to say but losing my brother has shaken me to the core. A polite question to the lawyer -“ Sir are we ready for next date ?” Has ended with the lawyer feeling insulted and yelling at me that I should go find another lawyer. I have spent a lot of time in the courts and have seen same scene where victims are already emotionally broke and going through a lot and the lawyers are only yelling back for no apparent reason. Ours is an out of state case and we leave a night before the hearing date. There have been times that opposing lawyer just walks in and gets another date citing some reason. Both party lawyers coordinate in advance and us victims are told to come on later date. Our lawyer simply say “its okay, let them take another date”

      the corruption starts from the very basic level where the investigation is compromised. Accussed being quite influential- I have had many unknown people take a lot of interest in our case and literally making money out of it.

      There is no single moment which is not killing me and my family already- but this patehtic state and lack of empathy is just icing on top of it. We never bargained with our lawyers – everything was paid upfront in advance but I guess it is just their means of making money. I wonder what the Oath commissioner is for. Neither did police cooperate nor did lawyers. So I guess corruption begins from the very basic level. Being an Indian and having gone through all this – I believe if someone gets unlucky and gets into any such accidents or anything- the legal system will suck every drop of you blood and won’t feel ashamed.

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